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Always surprising …

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The economic “Heart of the North West” beats in Osnabrück District. Its central location between the conurbation areas of the Ruhr and Hamburg offers great potential. But what makes this strong economic region so interesting? What are the characteristics of this lively business location? Which cultural highlights and leisure activities does it offer? This brochure published together with the Oldenburg publishers “Kommunikation & Wirtschaft” gives answers to these questions.

Come and take a look behind the scenes! Here you will meet not just our hidden champions and a large number of other companies: at the same time, you can find out about the business location’s commitment to innovation and climate protection, the excellent education landscape in Osnabrücker Land and also the special cultural activities and high recreational value that the region has to offer. Browse through the variety of Osnabrück District: the “Heart of the North West” will surprise you time and again with new, enticing aspects. The editorial section is supplemented by an extensive address list as an additional service.

Discover the Osnabrücker Land: we hope you have great fun with the brochure!

Anna Kebschull
Chief Administrator of
Osnabrück District

Siegfried Averhage
Head of the Department of
Economic Affairs & Labour