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The Heart of Germany’s North West

Osnabrücker Land

The economic “Heart of the North West” beats in Osnabrück District. Its central location between the conurbation areas of the Ruhr and Hamburg offers great potential. But what makes this strong economic region so interesting? What are the characteristics of this lively business location? Which cultural highlights and leisure activities does it offer? This brochure published together with the Oldenburg publishers “Kommunikation & Wirtschaft” gives answers to these questions.
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Business Location

0 ha
Land use
0 +
Educational facilites
ca. 0 %
Population younger than 25 years
+ 0 %
Employment development 2010 - 2017

Living in Osnabrücker Land

Osnabrücker Land

The brochure “Heart of the North West”

Browse through the variety of Osnabrück District: the “Heart of the North West” will surprise you time and again with new, enticing aspects. The editorial section is supplemented by an extensive address list as an additional service.

Texts + Photos

The author and the photographer

Sandra Joachim-Meyer was born in Osnabrück and has a degree in Social Sciences from Osnabrück University. She has been working for many years as a free-lance communication consultant, journalist and author for various publishers. Among others, the trained newspaper editor is author of the Merian travel guide “Osnabrück and Osnabrücker Land”. After working as senior executive for a non-profit organisation, today she supports companies, local authorities and institutions when it comes to public relations, marketing and text with a focus on the economy, mobility and tourism as well as healthcare and social affairs.
Sandra Joachim-Meyer
Uwe Lewandowski lives and works in Osnabrück. He is married and has two sons. Although he originally intended to become a mechanical engineer, he became distracted en route and taught himself to be a photographer in 1989. In this role, Uwe Lewandowski benefits from his wideranging interests that extend from exhibition photography via theatre photography through to daily journalism. Whatever he does is with passion, creativity and an eye for a fascinating view of things. He has also become closely acquainted with the Osnabrücker Land through his hobbies which include cycling and climbing as well as fishing.
Uwe Lewandowski