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Quality of life enhances health - the Marina in Bad Essen

The Heart of Family and Health – Excellent Care from Birth to Retirement

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Live is good in the Osnabrücker Land, where not just the heart of business beats loud and strong. The district also has a heart for the people living here in the midst of the Nature and Geopark TERRA.vita, while also enjoying all the advantages of a regional centre such as Osnabrück. It is an ideal place to grow up and to grow old.

With around 30 acute hospitals and rehabilitation clinics, reliable medical provision in the rural areas and last but not least with numerous and also alternative care and residential facilities for senior citizens, the health region offers all the prerequisites for a noticeably high quality of life – for young and old. At the same time, the healthcare sector is a significant location factor and employer, playing an important role for Osnabrück District with about 23 000 employees.

Health in good hands

The high quality and diversity of medical facilities warrants good healthcare from birth onwards. The Christian Children’s Hospital in Osnabrück is one of the largest in the country with 131 beds and capacity for 15 patients at the day care unit. The Centre for Paediatric Medicine enjoys an outstanding reputation nationwide. 

A look at the district’s spas reveals that the Osnabrücker Land is a good place for all those concern­ed about their health: In Bad Rothenfelde, the graduation towers with 600,000 litres of salty brine dripping down through the thorns every day generate a genuinely healthy climate. Eight clinics specialising in different disciplines are based here. It is also home to the famous Schüchtermann-Klinik cardiac centre, one of Germany’s five largest cardiac centres. The spa is also a top address for people with eye diseases and skin conditions or orthopaedic disorders. The many health facilities with their various wellness programmes attract both spa patients and those simply looking for rest and relaxation.

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Brine and Kneipp for treating all kinds of conditions

The spa towns Bad Essen and Bad Laer also advocate the healthy attributes of salt. Bad Essen is home among others to clinics for skin conditions, rheumatic diseases and psychosomatic disorders. Bad Laer, where brine with a particularly high level of salt bubbles out of a well, has specialised in the treatment of rheumatism and respiratory ailments. Patients enjoy the feeling of weightlessness in the brine pool and the resulting soothing effect that alleviates their complaints. Patients with rheumatic and cardiovascular diseases are also welcome in the Kneipp spa Bad Iburg. Those seeking rest and relaxation will soon feel better here at the foot of Iburg castle, once birthplace of the Prussian Queen Sophie Charlotte, and all round Charlottensee lake. In 2018, Bad Iburg in the Teutoburg Forest hosted the Lower Saxony Horticultural Show, with wonderful displays of flowers on show. 

Bad Iburg hosted the Lower Saxony Horticultural Show

Well cared for in old age

Intact nature, a wide range of healthcare services and the often multi-generational family-friendly and senior citizen-friendly structures of life in the rural setting ensure that people can have a feel-good, self-determined life into an advanced age. Some opt for alternative options, such as an old farmhands’ cottage that has been converted into a retirement home. There is no reason for the elderly to manage without medical and nursing care. A large number of mobile nursing services ensures that senior citizens receive expert nursing care, allowing them to live in their own four walls for as long as possible. If in individual cases a nursing home offers the better alternative, the numerous qualified facilities ensure that the right solution is quickly found. The people living in Osnabrücker Land thus receive the very best care from birth through to retirement.

Intact nature, a wide range of healthcare services and the often multi-generational family-friendly structures of life in the rural setting ensure that people can have a feelgood, self-determined life into an advanced age.