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The Heart of XXL Leisure Activities – Sounds, Fun and Excitement für Every Taste

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Following the traces of Romans and Teutons, taking a look at the earth’s history, marvelling at wild animals, visiting museums of international repute, experiencing theatre and concert highlights or enjoying fun in water parks: all these various possibilities and more besides leave no room for boredom in the region. Osnabrück District offers plenty of scope for fun and excitement for the whole family.

Visiting the Romans and Teutons

One prime example is surely the first ancient battlefield to be excavated in Europe. The legendary Battle of the Teutoburg Forest took place at Kalkriese in the year 9 AD. It was here near Bramsche that the Roman commander Varus and his forces suffered a crushing defeat by the chieftain of the Germanic Cherusci tribe Arminius and his Teuton warriors. The prize-winning, architecturally unique museum has numerous findings on display that bear evidence of the battle, such as the legendary mask. Changing special exhibitions also shed a light on life in the ancient world. The ad­joining park gives a hands-on experience of history, with direct access to a reconstructed Teuton rampart that clearly illustrates what happened during the battle. Every year, thousands of people flock to the Roman and Teuton Days or the Easter Lights, which submerge the ancient battlefield in a very special light.

UNESCO Global Geopark: on the trail of the dinosaurs

Passionate explorers will get their money’s worth in Osnabrück District: after all, the UNESCO Global Geopark TERRA.vita offers 300 million years of earth history. Many exciting sites can be found in a unique natural setting. Impressive traces of dinosaurs can be admired on a steep rock face in a wood near Bad Essen. Primeval giants once plodded through here, 150 million years ago. The Museum am Schölerberg in Osnabrück takes visitors on a journey through the various landscapes and ecosystems. The exhibition includes a hands-on display of fossils and takes those of an enquiring mind into the world of geologists and to the Geopark’s original sites.

Peace of Westphalia and cultural diversity

The region is the right place for anyone interested in culture and history. Osnabrück is called the “city of peace” for good reason. After all, it was here and in Münster that the Peace of Westphalia was concluded in 1648 to bring the Thirty Years War to an end. Places such as the historical town hall in Osnabrück bear witness to the city’s long history. The Erich Maria Remarque Peace Centre recalls its famous author and son. The Felix Nussbaum house is well known for the pictures of the Jewish painter murdered in Auschwitz. The spectacular museum building was designed by Daniel Libeskind, the American star architect who also built the Jewish Museum in Berlin. Numerous other special museums attract visitors to the region as well. The car museum in Melle will appeal to nostalgic vehicle enthusiasts. The cloth-maker’s museum in Bramsche has historical machinery on display for demonstrating the old crafts of spinning and weaving. Young and old theatre fans will enjoy the drama provided in the city of peace, including productions at Theater Osnabrück and the emma-theater as well as the forest stages in Kloster Oesede and Melle. OsnabrückHalle offers outstanding cultural shows all year round,  and the Artland-Arena in Quakenbrück is another venue for numerous events.

Round trip through the animal world

Osnabrück Zoo is a just the place for animal lovers and for the whole family. More than 3,000 animals of around 300 species can be admired in the lovely woodland setting, from apes and bears to elephants and tigers to zebras. Different themed worlds invite visitors on a round trip through the animal world of all the continents. The Underground Zoo is globally unique: it takes visitors down into the underworld to see creatures that live in the ground, such as the naked mole rat in their caves and tunnels. Thousands of visitors come to the special events such as the Jungle Nights, African or Brazilian Nights. Diedrichsburg game reserve in the hills near Melle offers a different kind of natural spectacle, with an opportunity to see wild boars and fallow deer at home in their natural habitat.

Fun and sport in water

With just a little bit of courage, water can be the ideal element for lots of leisure fun and enjoyment: the water ski facility at Alfsee lake in Rieste is increasingly a favourite place to go for corporate excursions during the summer months. In the context of the skills shortage, companies are willing to invest in employee loyalty, with adventure events playing a major role. Up to 30 people can get on their water skis at the two lifts to enjoy 80,000 square metres of water, under expert instruction from experienced athletes of course. First-rate leisure can also be had at the Alfsee lake go-cart track or in the “Germanensauna” (Teuton’s sauna). Osnabrück’s Nettebad leisure pool has a slide park offering plenty of thrills, including Europe’s one-and-only Sloop with its high-speed almost vertical drop. Osnabrück District guarantees XXL fun with these and many other leisure activities.

Diedrichsburg game reserve in the hills near Melle offers a special kind of natural spectacle, with an opportunity to see wild boars and fallow deer at home in their natural habitat.